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Fortune Cookie Soaps Written Review

Hey All! Just started up a blog to post my ramblings and also some beauty review, haul, and GIVEAWAY related things. Firstly, Up at the top you can go put your comments about the review I am about to give, as well as questions for me about anything you might be curious about!

Fortune Cookie Soaps

FCS is a website that basically just sells items like any old bath store… BUT FCS does this in such a creative and whimsical way, that leaves you craving more!
They have a wide range of products, from bath fizzies to solid shampoos, and the list is endless. With tons of funky colors and designs, the possibilities are endless! Perfect for gifts and little ways to treat yourself, without breaking the bank.
I was sent some items to review, (Pictures and captions in below posts) and let me first say that I am really impressed by the packaging and cute illustrations depicting how to use the products, and their smells. One thing I wasn’t so impressed with, was the fact that 1) The box had a very noticeable dent in the side, (Could be the shipping’s fault… I’m not sure) and 2) The Bath Tea had leaked tea-juice, or whatever it’s made of, all over a few of the wax paper bags. But other than those minor details, I am highly impressed with FCS. (I can’t get enough!)
Through this blog I will be updating you on the products as I use them!
Here is how to contact and get a hold of your own!


http://www.youtube.com/fortunecookiesoap http://www.facebook.com/fortunecookiesoap

(and other ways too! Check out their main site to find out more!)

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Fortune Cookie Soaps :) (POST TWO)
Scroll Down for post one with additional pictures!

xo Katy

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Fortune Cookie Soaps :) (POST 1)

FTC: These were sent to me for review purposes!